Changing The World Together - One opportunity at a Time



How our business lives reflect our commitment to our families, faiths and community.  We have a desire to be of a positive and beneficial influence to others.  Business ownership is an experience and a lifestyle.  We are a team committed to each other’s success on both personal and business levels.  Core to our business philosophy is to: 

  • Be honest
  • Be ethical
  • Believe in our products and services
  • Believe in and support our partners
  • Be a giving organization

In our business rhythm, we practice the spirit of giving of our time and resources to those who are less fortunate.  What we give comes back to us ten-fold.  If you are of like mind, we invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery. Let us share with you who we are, what we have become, and who we want to be. If you would like to hear more, call us.


Our Identity

A business community following spiritual and ethical values

Our Mission

To grow a partnership network, nurturing business growth through spiritual principles

Our Core Values

We Seek Guidance
We acknowledge our total and complete dependency upon our personal Higher Power. It empowers us to live the transformed, spiritually centered life that we are called to live.

We Give
Our purpose requires us to steward the financial resources entrusted to our care. When we are generous with those resources it removes obstacles for accomplishing the mission to which we have been called. We are intentional givers of our time, creativity and resources.

We Invite
We are surrounded by people who are not yet members of our community. We are compelled to invite them into our lives and our business community so they might see, hear and experience the good news that their lives have higher meaning and together we have a higher calling.

We Mentor
In order for our mission to be sustainable and reproducible, we must pass along to others the knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to serve.

We Serve
Together we are called to give and to serve. Our service has the greatest impact when our individual strengths and passions are strategically utilized to accomplish the spiritual missions in the world.


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